Frontend Responsive web design

The websites I create use state-of-the art fronted concepts based on HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

Responsive layouts powered by proven HTML and Javascript Frameworks ensure a good impression on any device. I often use a customization of the Bootstrap framework to get started.

Backend Extensions and custom applications

Backend development includes different types of projects. Sometimes it is necessary to extend an existing system with some new functionality. Other times it is needed to develop a custom application from scratch.

When it comes to custom applications I mainly use the Symfony framework for development, but I have no trouble using any other framework.

Content Management TYPO3 & CO.

My main focus of work is to set up complex websites based on TYPO3.

I have extensive experience in realising projects with TYPO3 supporting any type of frontend and extending the backend to the requirements at all levels.

I have used several other CMS like Wordpress as well to meet the needs of my clients.

Project Management Steering the vessel

The view for the whole picture, good communication skills and the ability to take decisions are key factors to successfully manage development projects.

I favor agile management methods with short release cycles and an integration of the customer right from the start.

Supporting the user Documentation & Training

Writing a good documentation of the finished product for the enduser is as important as the development itself. The documentation can be extended to other user roles in any publishing and development process as well.

I have plenty of experience in training users and developers on different topics. Usually there is an introduction session for editors who are new to TYPO3 for example.

Hosting what I don't provide

I am not hosting any project for a customer myself, since I want this job to be handled by an expert. But I take care in finding a suitable service provider for the project at hand and take responsibility to select a package meeting all requirements.

I set up the deployment and rollout the project before going live. 

Availability Time for your project

I am working on a visual representation, so for now I can only provide you with this textual overview:

  • June: 25% available
  • July: 50% available
  • August 100% available
  • September 100% available
  • Otober 100% available
  • November 100% available

Location On site or remote

I work either on site for a certain time or I work remote from my office. Using version control software like Git or Subversion and modern communication channels offer a good base to work in a remote environment. 

In certain phases of a project it my be necessary to meet in person so travelling for me is mandatory.

Flexibility Paid by the hour

The conditions for working as a freelancer for you can be adjusted very flexible. We can define a fixed number of hours per week, a total number for the project or even define working hours on a daily basis.

Payment by invoice can be handled flexible as well and will be integrated into the financial planning of your project.