For custom projects I develop the application based on the popular framework Symfony according to the clients needs. I normally use Doctrine as ORM and use the FOSUserBundle to integrate user management and secured areas. With Symfony I usually choose the bootstrap framework for the html markup.


My focus lies on realising projects based on TYPO3 and the Symfony framework. Usually I install and configure the TYPO3 base system, transfer the webdesigns layouts into HTML5 markup based on the bootstrap framework and integrate the markup into a TYPO3 fluid template. Extension installation and configuration is used to add additional functionalities to the website. If the features of existing extensions do not meet the requirements I develop custom extensions based on extbase and fluid.


I develop with PhpStorm and use git as a version control system. I run my own root server on Debian since 2005 hosting my own projects. I am fond of the LAMP stack and server maintenance as well.


I am running my own business with my own clients since 2004 offering services in the whole project cycle. I am very good at getting the whole picture, identifiying possible issues often before they arise and at communicating with project management, markting, etc. understanding their needs